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Weak Libertarian Solutions to America's Healthcare Crisis

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

 They point out all the things that Trump and federal officials have done wrong, and they detail all the bad consequences of their efforts to resolve the crisis.

Their points are all well-taken. The problem lies in their policy recommendations. When asked for their recommendations on resolving the crisis, they fall back into classic statist mode by coming up with things that they feel the president and his healthcare team should have done — and should still do — instead.

Such libertarians just don't get it, or maybe they do and they just don't want to lose credibility or respectability within the mainstream press by calling for a "radical" (i.e., libertarian) solution to the crisis.

An inherently defective paradigm

The problem with the coronavirus crisis — and America's healthcare crisis in general — lies not with governmental mismanagement of healthcare. It lies with the concept of government management of healthcare itself.

If you have an inherently bad system, then it doesn't matter who is managing it or what healthcare recommendations are adopted for managing it. The results are still going to be bad.