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AGWs Refuse to Diaper!

• Eric Peters Auto

Here's some good news- for a change –  about armed government workers in Oregon, who refused to Diaper up:

The AGWs were in a coffee shop where – as seemingly everywhere – there is a government decreed sign out front that everyone must Diaper up, to create the impression of universal fear of a virus that isn't a mortal threat to practically everyone (99.5 percent of us). And so they didn't Diaper up – even at the bleating, sheeplike-insistence of the useful idiot manager, who – like so many business owners – is accomplicing these Diapering decrees by demanding that everyone who enters put one on.

No to prevent anyone from "getting sick" – which is nonsense – but to keep the government off their backs by bending over as low as they can go.

The AGWs decided to not perform Sickness Kabuki, which is being criticized as an example of AGW Privilege. Who is going to tell them they must Diaper up? Who is going to try to deny entry to an armed government worker?

But they set an example of defiance that is vey laudable.

One of the AGWs does so using direct – and apropos – expletives.