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Why "Anti-Vaxxers" Must Not Support ANY Democrats For Election In 2020…

• Bolen Report - by Tim Bolen

Look how easily the Democrats passed California's SB #277…

Opinion By "Deplorable" Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Without doubt America is at at a crossroads with US presidential election 2020.  The Us Democratic Party, as we can all see, offers absolutely NOTHING to the American people for their future.  Their ENTIRE campaign is based on "Hate Trump," which translates very easily into the REAL refrain "Hate Trump Supporters."

In reality the Democrats are running against the hugely successful, and massive, "Anti-Vaxxer" movement…

Why? Because they need to.  Never before has a health advocate group grown so fast, or been so successful against the "Deep State" – the ACTUAL governing body of most of Western Civilization.

Everyone knows that the US Democratic Party is COMPLETELY controlled by Big Pharma…  Not one Democratic Party political candidate dares to step our of line.  If they do their campaign funds are cut off and the liberal media, which gets 70% of its total income from pharmaceutical advertising, comes at them in a scourge.

Health Care in the US, and all over Planet Earth, will never be the same if we get a Democratic Party president now…

Do you have any idea how many new vaccines are "in the pipeline" right now that are fully designed to change humanity's DNA?  There is no question that Big Pharma is experimenting with, and designing vaccines, that will alter human beings.

just think – with DNA altering vaccines given at childbirth no longer will the elites have to convince black mothers to go to Planned Parenthood for one of the nine hundred (900) abortions provided for the Black Community every day.  With DNA vaccines they just inject the baby at birth and it will grow into a three foot tall 45 IQ drooling tomato picker.

Think that's far-fetched?  Think again.  Look at the Millennials – the first whole generation injected with the massive vaccine program, all laced with mercury as a "preservative", currently smashing historical monuments, and family businesses, across America.

Think horror show.

Stay tuned…