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One Silver Bullet Has Destroyed America-Prepare for Political Defeat and a Subsequent Purge

•, Dave Hodges

A silver bullet has destroyed America. That silver bullet has a name and it is Jared Kushner, and Trump's refusal to see this threat has more than likely cost Trump his re-election and for the rest of us, we have lost our country.

Trump's political defeat will usher in the worst days of America and this article only covers a small part of the problem. For people who are very familiar with Trump, they are saddened and dismayed that he has allowed someone as despicable as Jared Kushner in the Trump inner circle. The man is probably Mossad, he is clearly a globalist as evidenced by his financial entanglements with one of American's most notorious enemies, George Soros.

When Trump took Office, I warned him, several times in print and in broadcast format to distance himself from Jared Kushner.