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Left-wing media conspires with Big Tech to de-platform conservatives: Now they're targeting Tele

• JD Heyes

And now, they're going after another 'rival.'

Fake news leader CNN is now pressuring Telegram to begin widespread censorship of its 'dissident' culture — users who have flocked to the platform (like Parler) after being kicked off the others for daring to express a different (right-leaning) opinion, Big League Politics reports.

Essentially, CNN is using a Left-wing "think tank" (which it probably conspired with to come up with new 'research') to complain about how "white supremacist groups" are using Telegram to (egads!) engage in constitutionally protected speech (yes, even speech that's deplorable).

Meanwhile, CNN doesn't bother calling out Twitter or Facebook or any of the other Lefty platforms as being havens for fascists like Antifa who claim to be anti-fascists, or Marxists and socialists who want to destroy America as founded. (Related: Politico blames "white supremacists" for violent rioting, but even SPLC says there's no evidence.)