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Gov. Ron DeSantis: Florida 'Not Going Back' on Reopening Despite Rise in Coronavirus Cases


"We're not going back, closing things," DeSantis said on Tuesday. "I don't think that that's really what's driving it. People going to a business is not what's driving it."

DeSantis, who last month noted that the median age of those testing positive for the virus is lowering, attributed the rise, in part, to social interactions among the younger crowd.

"I think when you see the younger folks — I think a lot of it is more just social interactions, so that's natural," the governor said.

"We're open. We know who we need to protect. Most of the folks in those younger demographics, although we want them to be mindful of what's going on, are just simply much, much less at risk than the folks who are in those older age groups," he explained.