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Libertarian lifestyle embraced at Porcfest


That's what the New Hampshire Free State Project hopes will one day exist in the Granite State. And while they admit it probably won't happen any time soon, Free Staters and Libertarians like them can now live the dream, at least for one week a year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster.

Also known as Porcfest, named for the symbol of Libertarianism, the weeklong Porcupine Freedom Festival is in its 13th year. It started unofficially in 2002, when the infant Free State Project was trying to find a state that would act as its headquarters. Back then, there were only a couple hundred attendees, but in 2016, officials anticipate that more than 1,500 people will come from across the United States, and as far as Canada and Russia, to attend lectures on Libertarian feminism, take firearms etiquette classes and eat "Bananarchy" ice cream.

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