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Tesla Model S Gets Official EPA Range And Efficiency Numbers: 402 Miles

•, By: Mark Kane

As we already know, Tesla is the first manufacturer to introduce a series-produced all-electric car with an EPA range of more than 400 miles: the 2020 Model S Long Range Plus can go up to 402 miles (646.8 km).

Just recently, the updated Model S rating was released on EPA's website so we can see also the efficiency numbers. As it turns out, the combined energy consumption result is 117 MPGe - 288 Wh/mi (179 Wh/km). That's over 5% better than previously.

Considering that the prices of Model S are also lowered (now at $74,990 plus $1,200 DST), the value proposition is significantly better than a year ago.

2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus EPA rating:

range of 402 miles (646.8 km)

energy consumption (including charging losses):

combined: 117 MPGe - 288 Wh/mi (179 Wh/km)

city: 121 MPGe - 279 Wh/mi (173 Wh/km)

highway: 112 MPGe - 301 Wh/mi (187 Wh/km)