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Gordon Ramsay Hamburger Recipe (All His Secrets Revealed)

•, by John Siracusa

Make Gordon Ramsay Burger Blend

I've heard a lot of cooking tips on how to make a great burger in my lifetime like toasting the buns on the grill beforehand with some butter, don't move the patties around on the grill to stop them from breaking up and season the burger well, but one piece of advice stood out when Gordon brushes the patties with butter to baste them just about two minutes before taking them off the grill. A technique used in Gordon's Las Vegas restaurant "Burger".

Equipment Needed for Burger Recipe

The Weber Spirit is the very best grill you'll ever buy under $500. It puts a brown crisp crust on burgers, steaks, and chops and makes the tenderest pulled pork-but (or pork picnic) with real smoky flavor you'll ever get from a home grill. Made of heavy-duty thick cast aluminum with enameled steel and a narrow vent across the back, which is the secret to maintain steady heat and to evenly distribute smoke around the meat. Plus, It's a Weber.