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George Floyd's Brother: "Don't Tear Up Your Town"

• by Jeremy Frankel

"[S]ometimes I get angry, I want to bust some heads, too. I wanna … just go crazy. But I'm here. My brother wasn't about that. My brother was about peace. You'll hear a lot of people say he was a gentle giant.

"Don't tear up your town, all of this is not necessary because if his own family and blood is not doing it, then why are you?

"If his own family and blood are trying to deal with it and 

e positive about it, and go another route to seek justice, then why are you out here tearing up your community?

"Because when you're finished and turn around and want to go buy something, you done tore it up. So now you messed up your own living arrangements. So just relax. Justice will be served."