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Did Twitter Fact-Check Trump... Or Conformity-Check Him?

• by Frank Miele

That, in essence, is how Twitter unmasked itself on Friday by dropping an "editor's note" on a tweet by President Trump about the rioting in Minneapolis. The president chastised "the THUGS" for "dishonoring the memory of George Floyd," the man who died in police custody, by engaging in lawless behavior. Trump said he had told Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz that "the Military is with him all the way" in his efforts to restore order.

"Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts," the president added. That presumably is what provoked some troll at Twitter to slap a warning on Trump's tweet, saying that it violated a company rule against "glorifying violence."

Excuse me? Exercising legitimate police power in response to unlawful violence is now considered "glorifying violence"? In what dystopian Marxist opium dream are we now living? Were the proud patriotic rallies held after the death of fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden also considered "glorifying violence"? Is rooting for law and order considered a microaggression against looters?