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• by Michael Every

Arrogant And Offensive

"Arrogant and offensive". Not today's Daily. Well not deliberately and/or any more than usual.

Rather those three words, followed by "Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?" were tweeted out by the British civil service on its official account yesterday before being deleted.

This was in reference to the UK government lining up to bend over backwards to support PM Johnson's advisor Dominic Cummings, who stands accused of having broken the virus lockdown rules that he helped draw up. Listen to UK radio and read the press: the sense of public anger is palpable when just weeks ago people were genuinely concerned for BoJo's health. The lockdown was already fraying: now it may be undermined by a perceived "one rule for them and another for us". Which we have a whole lot of globally on many fronts.

What an era we are living in when a tweet like that can go out in he UK: and yet I must confess I wasn't sure exactly which government this was referring to when a screenshot of it was first shared with me.

"Arrogant and offensive" and "truth twisters" is certainly what the US and China are loudly claiming of each other. The White House recently released a 16-page strategy document laying out how it plans to push back against Chinese practices it sees as undermining it, albeit prefacing that "Competition need not lead to confrontation or conflict….We do not seek to contain China's development, nor do we wish to disengage from the Chinese."). More bluntly, US Secretary of State Pompeo is touring the world directly attacking the Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, Reuters reports if Beijing introduces a national security law in Hong Kong the US will stop recognizing its separate legal status, and economic sanctions will be introduced (as the UK Daily Express reports "Britain Ready to Welcome Hong Kong Refugees" – is this BoJo distraction or principle?).

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