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The Wimps of Major League Baseball

•, By Robert Wenzel

MLB has put together a draft health-and-safety manual in the wake of the COVID-19 panic, reports Yahoo Sports. Think of it as the cower manual.

In many ways, it is dumber than the draconian measures implemented by power freak state and local government officials.

MLB is a private organization so as far as I am concerned they can do what they want but there should be no problem in calling them out for nonsense, politically correct, over-the-top, asinine "safety" regulations.

What would Babe Ruth think?

He not only played during the period of the 1918 Spanish flu but actually caught the virus.

From War Fever: Boston, Baseball, and America in the Shadow of the Great War by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith:

On May 19, 1918, the first warm day of the year, Ruth took his wife, Helen, to Revere Beach for an afternoon outing. Located just north of the city, it was the nation's first public beach, a working-class "people's beach" that featured amusement rides, a boardwalk, and an elaborate pier. Babe spent the day in the sun, eating a picnic basket full of sandwiches and drinking warm beer, swimming on a full stomach, and enjoying his own celebrity by playing a game of baseball in the sand with some locals. He couldn't have been happier.