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The Boring Company finishes tunnel beneath Las Vegas Convention Center

• By Nick Lavars

Since CEO Elon Musk first raised the idea of a new venture to solve traffic woes at ground level a few years ago, The Boring Company has made some impressive progress on this vision of subterranean travel. It first completed a test tunnel in LA to demonstrate how Teslas can shuttle passengers from one point to another free of stop lights and bottlenecks. It then earned a contract from the Las Vegas' tourism authority to construct a transport system for the city's convention center.

While tunnels are of course nothing new, The Boring Company hopes to improve on current methods in a few ways, primarily by building them far more cheaply and efficiently. One of the key ways it hopes to achieve this is by making its tunnels around half the width of standard tunnels, while automating the machines and upgrading cooling systems are also integral to its strategy.

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