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Soros Thinks that Germany Is a Greater Threat than COVID or China

• by Andrew Korybko

...poses an "existential threat" to the bloc and therefore also to his "precious" vision of an "open society", even more so than the alleged ones posed by COVID, Trump, or China that he previously fearmongered about.

International Relations are in the midst of multitudinous paradigm-changing processes as a result of World War C, so it's worthwhile to hear how influential figures are interpreting these unprecedented developments. George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and infamous Color Revolution financier, is one such individual whose words carry heavy weight all across the world and deserve to be listened to if only to obtain a better idea of what he might be plotting next.

To be clear, analyzing his latest interview with the UK "Independent" isn't by any means an endorsement of him, his activities, and what he represents, but is being done to educate the public about the issues that concern him most.