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E-Democracy: The 2020 Presidential Election Gets More Bizarre

• by Tim Kirby

Two World Wars, The Civil War, The Great Depression and the Spanish Flu were not enough to stop voting for some congressmen and the top executive of the United States as planned. Now for the first time there are rumors moving about that there could be a major delay for voting nationwide.

On a state level delays have happened a few times in history but there is no precedent for this happening on a national scale. This lack of precedent in dealing with this sort of situation could create room for certain "opportunities" that will be mostly detrimental to the future of America.

Manchurian vs. Muscovite Candidates in 2020

Even without the Covid-19 issue, Trump was, and could be again, bogged down by accusations of ties to Russia or working in Russian interests in the run up to election night. This naive "the Russians are coming" narrative was very effectively sold onto the Democrats so much so that they all started to actually believe their own absurdity.