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Will We Become A Nation Of Sycophants When Government Hands Everybody A Check?

•, By Bill Sardi says the real numbers are 39.6% unemployed.  Notice that estimated 21.1% unemployment in February '20 and has been reporting a similar number for a few years now.  The "unemployment problem" was hidden from view.  Now it can't be hidden.

Economist Martin Armstrong says it took two years for the unemployment rate to get to 25% in the Great Depression of the 1930s.  That was exceeded in one month in the COVID-19 crisis.

Overnight socialism

Led by give-away artist Kamala Harris, the Democrats now want everybody below $120,000 annual income to get $2000/month.  Doesn't this make the US a socialist country?  Once dependent on this money, how do you ever wean laborers back to work?  (I can't even imagine how government is going to collect income taxes out of that money.)