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"Gone In 60 Seconds" - 19 Children In North Carolina Steal 46 Cars From Dealerships

• by Tyler Durden

As a depression unfolds across America, a group of 19 kids, ages 19 to 16, have been accused by law enforcement for stealing over a million dollars in vehicles from dealerships under the cover of the pandemic. 

The thefts began on March 17, and occurred across numerous auto dealerships in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reported WXII NBC.

Winston-Salem Police said 18 break-ins were reported at dealerships in the region, along with two in Kernersville. 

In total, 46 vehicles were stolen, worth about $1.14 million. Police said all but three were recovered. 

It appears these kids were just shy of the 50 mark, something that movies buffs would know if they've seen the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds," where Nicolas Cage had to steal 50 luxury cars in one night to save his brother from a crime lord. Now there were no reports suggesting the kids were working for an organized crime organization, that would take the cars and part them out or load them up in sea containers for overseas clients

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