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Bad S Ice House Says "Take A Stand" - Will Reopen Friday 1 May

• Shauntae Johnston

I'm not trying to be a Rebel I'm trying to save my livelihood that I've worked so hard for, just like others . My girls have been with me from day one, they've been without a job for 40 days . My musicians haven't been able to work... my loyal customers

If you disagree and believe everything on this fake ASS media then please stay home you can have your groceries and medicine delivered.

But this Texas Momma is going to open Starting Friday May 1 we will have live music ( that's the reason I opened up this bar, cause live music saved my life )

We will be having Live music all day Saturday starting around 1:30 it will be outside for social distancing you can stay in your vehicle or outside with lawn chairs... keep in mind please respect others ...

Wade Strother & the Renegades have really stepped up trying to organize the live music and they are playing for free ... I'm very emotional right now and trying not to breakdown. I'm asking any of my musicians that would like to get in on this please contact me 979-373-6758

I'm sure I will be having legal issues so I may do something for that in another post .

Just to let some of you know before you want to shout your mouth off you will be deleted and I will not respond this is not a shit show this is my livelihood . I have done everything they have asked they have extended this over and over all my financial recourses have been depleted.

All businesses need to Take a stand and OPEN TEXAS UP

Be Kind to One another

God Bless