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Coronavirus response: Ban alcohol, free speech, and homeschooling

•, Simon Black

WHO urges governments to ban alcohol during lockdown

Last week we talked about how the World Health Organization was coming for your sick family members.

This week, they want your booze.

WHO says that alcohol compromises the immune system. And since we are fighting a virus, they think that prohibition is necessary.

In fact, alcohol restrictions can be justified by governments for the same reason coronavirus lockdowns are needed.

WHO notes that even in good times, alcohol is the cause of major health issues, addiction, and death. Alcohol accounts for 3 million deaths per year worldwide– far more than the coronavirus.

So it almost seems like WHO's argument for banning alcohol has little to do with the coronavirus.

If it's all about good health and saving lives, why not mandate a WHO-approved diet and exercise regimen for the masses as well? Why not ban sugar while they're at it?

Where does the madness stop?