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Some Washington State Sheriffs Begin Refusing To Enforce Gov. Inslee's Lockdown Orders

• by Darren Smith

The dominant subject of dissent among these law enforcement officials centers around what are regarded as unconstitutional intrusions by the governor enacted against the citizens of their respective counties and the inconsistency of regulations applied unequally by the state.

It is my belief that unless a strong reversal of Governor Inslee's resolve to remain steadfast in his prosecution of ordinary Washingtonians is not fielded soon, the "insubordination" as he claims will only grow and serve to weaken his position, adding spark to a movement against him and his office if it continues in its present form for months.

The time has come for the governor to put his ego aside. For if he chooses to adversarily engage these sheriffs and others who will come to join them he will lose in the courts of public opinion of these various counties.

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