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Things I Would Think of Doing Today Without Delay

•, By Bill Sardi

Put the credit cards away for emergencies and stop living on them like they are a pay raise.

While you are attempting to figure out what just happened to America, don't wait to see what others are doing.  Then it will be too late.

Do the little things and the big things.

Little things:

Make alliances with farmers so you know where to get food directly; maybe you have something to barter with them.

Learn to take vacations locally; weekend vacations will do.

Learn how to bake bread, and make enough for those in need.

Don't be a pack rat or a hoarder; but don't throw everything away; think of stuff you have that would help someone else and give it away.

Gang up on house cleaning.  An extended family can have a team clean a house in no time.  Get the kids involved here.  Share in buying a Rug Doctor machine to clean the carpets.