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FRAUD: The World Health Organization Pushed a Fake SARS Epidemic in 2003

• by Jon Rappoport

However, there were 438 probable cases of SARS in Canada, resulting in 44 deaths, and, worldwide, out of a population of 6.3-billion people, there were only 774 deaths. [This is the organization that is accepted world wide by governments and news outlets as the world's top authority on COVID-19.] -GEG

History matters.

If the World Health Organization (WHO) deceived the world into fear and panic THEN, in 2003, why should you believe them NOW re COVID, when both instances involve epidemics?

As some readers will recall, in 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) put out a travel advisory—don't go to Toronto. Toronto was "infected" with epidemic SARS. The loss of tourist income was significant. At the time, I was in touch with a Canadian activist who was trying to assemble a group of Toronto merchants and file a law suit against WHO for a few billion dollars, but it fell apart.