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8 GREAT ideas for healthy home entertainment during the coronavirus lockdown

• Natural News - J D Wells

(Natural News) It's too easy to get stressed over coronavirus. The real news is scary and the fake news is even more terrifying. Stress can lead to inflammation, headaches, stomach aches and a weakened immune system, which is the last thing you want right now. So, after we offer up our best ideas for healthy home entertainment, we'll throw in some great short videos that will help you avoid coronavirus, the flu, the killer cold and whatever else is "floating around" on air particles in that pandemic wind outside.

Change your living habits for the better, and make lemonade with those lemons

If you're used to going to coffee shops in your spare time to meet with friends or just sit alone and use wifi to write, research or relax, maybe you can spruce up your patio, screened-in porch, balcony, or deck to look like a cozy café.

If you're accustomed to going to the gym or fitness classes, some people are meeting at parks to work out together while keeping appropriate "social distance" and following safety guidelines. Maybe download some fun videos and workout, stretch or do yoga at home while listening to your favorite music.

If you're one of those millions who loves eating out at restaurants, maybe it's time to search for top recipes that are plant-based and double-up on those nutrients your body wants to help fight off the "bad guys." Cooking isn't as hard as it may seem, especially when you find videos with step by step instructions, as easy as A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. Use organic herbs and spices and you might love your new "dining" style (that's safer and healthier).

Whatever you choose to do to stay entertained, happy, healthy and safe, be sure to turn off the fake news on television and use your newspaper (more fake news) as kindling for your fire in the fire pit.

Healthy home entertainment during COVID19 lockdown

Some suggestions for wholesome, affordable entertainment at home include:

#1. Start or improve an organic garden (including indoor ones too).

#2. Make fires in a firepit or use outdoor heat lamps (if you have a yard), because fresh air is super-important.

#3. Stargazing  – there are cool apps you can download of planets and constellations.

#4. Play games in your yard (think kadima, badminton, horse shoes, cornhole, ball toss) or buy and jump on a trampoline – relieves stress and the rebounding helps lymphatic system – your first line of defense for staying healthy.

#5. Make healthy snacks from scratch instead of eating processed, junk-science food – lots of good recipes online for healthy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.