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Coronavirus and the smell of Saul Alinsky

•, By Cheryl K. Chumley

This is Coronavirus Chaos, exemplified.

America is not just on edge.

America is in full-blown panic mode.

Church-goers are being fined for the crime of going to church. Church pastors are being arrested and threatened with arrest for the crime of delivering sermons.

The Constitution has been suspended. Don't believe it?

"Red and Blue America Agree That Now Is the Time to Violate the Constitution," The Atlantic wrote, back in late March. "People of both parties seem rather okay with undermining core civil liberties in order to fight the pandemic."

Unelected wonks with global government designs have been put in charge of America's politics and policies — people like Bill Gates, who hails his philanthropy while pushing vaccines on the world that in the end, boost his own power and pockets. People like Anthony Fauci, who is joined at the hip with Gates in seeing the Gates Foundation's Decade of Vaccine goals, begun in 2010, come to fruition — in part, with technology that tracks who gets a coronavirus shot, who does not, and where both groups of people are located at all hours of the day and night.

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