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Francis Boyle was right: Is it time for Trump to arrest, prosecute and EXECUTE all those engaged in

• DC Clothesline

(Natural News) Professor Francis Boyle, author of the biological weapons treaty that banned such research in the United States in the 1980s, says that scientists who engage in the development of biological weapons that are designed to kill human beings should be arrested, prosecuted and executed (if found guilty in a court of law).

He's not wrong.

We now know that the Obama administration funneled money, via the NIH, into the very same Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory that is widely believed to have created and released the Wuhan coronavirus that's now devastating the world. After bioweapons research was banned in the United States, the US government partnered with private organizations and front groups in Africa to continue weapons research on Ebola and other pathogens. Now, it appears, Barack Obama allowed US researchers to partner with the communist Chinese military so that China would possess the same bioweapons as the United States.