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Hungary's Fertility Rate Continues to Rise!

•, Laura

We now have a further update from Hungary, and it came from the Guardian, of all places. Today they revealed that Hungary's fertility rate has continued to rise, currently sitting at around 1.48 children per woman. This is a figure which has increased from Hungary's lowest ever level of 1.23 in 2011. The figure has risen steadily since Orbán began his second term as Prime Minister, a role which began in 2010.

Although a fertility rate of 1.48 is still below the recommended figure of 2.1 which is required for a population to stay the same size in a first world country, the figure is rising at a steady rate; growing around 20% over the last decade. This is a great sign for other nations who may choose to prioritise incentivising native families to have more children, rather than relying on mass immigration and the inevitable demographic replacement that follows.