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Things About COVID-19 That Make You Go, "Hmmm."

• by Victor J Ward

Up front, let me say that I do not have a medical degree. In fact, in high school, I got a D- on my Chemistry final and a C- for the course.

During the following year in my Advanced Biology course, I was doing better, but, I ultimately got expelled from the private high school I was attending because I got caught cheating. Well, to be honest, I was cheating and stealing, as I was taking tests and giving them to my friends. My problem was that I gave out too many.

It was the Quantitative Easing of Advanced Biology tests, and my teacher caught on and I was busted.

Even though I am a scientific dufus, I live by this statement:

"A person cannot use Statistics without logic, but they can use logic without Statistics."

That statement can be applied in every area of life, and I am trying to apply it to the situation of Covid-19. When I do apply it to this Synthetic Pandemic, I have several questions that I would like answered.

I really mean that: If anyone reading this can provide me with answers, that would be fantastic.