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Beware Hospitalization Data


RW response:

I am not aware of any other than anecdotal reports.

However, I would caution about any data coming out of hospitals.

As far as I am concerned they are one of the biggest scamming industries in America. Probably the worst. They will distort numbers whenever it makes opportunistic sense for them to do so and I would think overflow capacity during this COVID-19 panic is a sweet song for them to sing.

Just consider the outrageous fees they charge individuals without insurance and the significantly lower fees they charge insurance companies for the same procedure. This is nothing but a crony deal between hospitals and insurance healthcare companies to push individuals toward buying health insurance.

Hospital administration is truly despicable. The sector is literally playing with people's health and lives for crony gains.

Just keep in mind, there were more hospitals (7,156) in America in 1975 than there are now (6,210).

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