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"Just Close The Whole Thing Up":

• by Tyler Durden

Few are dealing with the economic and market turmoil with more chaos and less class and resolve than the expert "buy and hold" class over at CNBC, who shockingly never said one word of warning to their retail viewers when the market was doing nothing but going straight up for more than a decade, and instead were dragging mom and pop investors into massively overvalued stocks urging them to buy at all time highs, and who are now melting down before our eyes at the first sight of a substantial market pullback.

Their solution: own the shorts by shutting down the market entirely. Because if one can't BTFD, is it even a market?

As recently as Friday, when the Dow Jones posted a 2000 point gain on the back of a short squeeze that nearly doubled the indexes gains in the last 15 minutes of the day, there was no talk about markets being defective or needing to close. That was, of course, until the Fed's $700 billion "quarantative easing" bazooka bailout of markets fizzled spectacularly on Sunday nights and futures promptly went limit down. When it appeared that this plan was failing, some of the industry's finest began to panic visibly.