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Repealing America's Welfare State

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Thirty years ago, there were those who were arguing that immediate repeal would bring economic and social chaos within American society. Today — 30 years later — there are people who are making the same argument—that an immediate repeal of these socialist programs would mean chaos and crisis, especially given that the welfare state has become an integral part of America's political and economic systems.

There are two historical examples that prove that such is simply not the case: American slavery and the National Industrial Recovery Act.

Prior to the Civil War, undoubtedly there were those who argued that an immediate emancipation of the slaves would bring economic and social chaos to America. After all, the institution had been an integral part of America's economy and social system since the start of the nation and even before. Plantation owners had large amounts of capital invested in slaves. The operations of plantations were dependent on slave labor. Much of the South's economy was dependent on slave labor.

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