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Clearview AI, the facial recognition company that's been used by more than 600 law enforcement..


Facial recognition software provider Clearview AI has revealed that its entire client list was stolen by someone who 'gained unauthorized access' to company documents and data.

According to a notice sent to its customers, Cleaview AI said that in addition to its client list, the intruder had gained access to the number of user accounts associated with each client, as well as the number of searches conducted through those accounts.

The company didn't specify how the security breach had occurred nor who might have been responsible, and it claimed its servers and internal network hadn't been compromised.

'Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life in the 21st century,' Clearview attorney Tor Ekeland told The Daily Beast, who broke the story.

'Our servers were never accessed. We patched the flaw, and continue to work to strengthen our security.'