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Dems Politicize Coronavirus Outbreak By Proposing $8.5 Billion Rescue Package: Live Updates

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Iran deaths hit 19

Brazil confirms first case in South America

France confirms 2nd death

Tokyo pushes back against Tokyo Games cancellation talk

Greece confirms first case

Germany unleashes fiscal stimulus after confirming new cases

Dems one-up Trump with $8.5 billion package.

Kuwait, Bahrain confirm new cases

Italy confirms 12th death

South Korea cases soar above 1,200 as gov't begins testing of 200k patients

Brazil confirms infected patient came on plane from Paris

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Update (0940ET): The Brazilian health ministry said the coronavirus patient arrived in Brazil on a plane from Paris. Exactly when isn't known.

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Update (0855ET): In the US, Dems are officially doubling-down on their push to politicize the coronavirus outbreak and use it as a cudgel against President Trump by proposing a plan calling for even more money to be spent.

According to Fox's Chad Pergram, Chuck Schumer is planning a $8.5 billion package that he plans to hand over to the appropriations committee later on Wednesday.