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The Best Campaign Video of This Election Season?

•, -RW

The video is a powerful statement. The problem is it is a video of hate, hate of the rich.

It is an economically ignorant video that lumps all rich together, those who became rich by cronyism and those who became rich by supplying goods and services to consumers.

This video exemplifies the great problem in a modern statist society: Confusion about the fundamental foundation that holds people back from success and advancement.

It is not about the class of one percenters in terms of wealth against the class of the 99 percent that is the key obstacle to a healthy society. It is about the productive class versus the takers from the productive and destroyers of the productive.

The video is about doing more taking and more destroying based on the confused idea that it will help society. The best societies are free societies where people are allowed to be free and flourish. It is the opposite of the current crony state and the centrally planned state that Bernie wants to introduce.