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Doug Casey: Oil Isn't Alternative Energy's Enemy

• by Doug Casey

Yesterday, Doug told us about the impossibility of an oil shortage – despite panic in the mainstream media. And in today's Conversations With Casey, Doug offers his thoughts on the alternative energy sector…

Read on below for Doug's take on the political hacks who are destroying green energy with "incessant propaganda"…

Daily Dispatch: So Doug, you've spoken to us about the theory and background for oil exploration and production. The practical question is whether oil is cheap or expensive right now at around $55?

Doug Casey: The price has been dropping of late, because of the coronavirus, and fears it will greatly reduce consumption. Around 70% of oil is fuel for travel – cars, planes, boats and trains. I suspect it's something that will burn out and blow over, like SARS and the others. Mass hysteria does a lot more damage than the virus itself. But who knows? The next war will undoubtedly feature bioweapons.