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State Thieves and Forfeiture for Profit

•, By Gary D. Barnett

Cash is that commodity that is supposed to be legal tender, and therefore legitimate money. The employee, Boris Nulman, was given $191,000 by his employers, Scott Smith and Michael Rosenberg, owners of FGL Transport, Inc., and told to get on a plane to Cleveland in order to buy some trucks for their business. While going through "security" and dealing with the perverted TSA, his bag was inspected, and the agents stole all but $10,000. Keep in mind that this was a domestic, not an international flight.

As always, the government thieves claimed without any evidence that this money was proceeds from "specified unlawful activity" and likely for the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a "controlled substance." No charges were filed, and the owners of the company claim to have evidence that this money was taken directly out of their business account.