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Coronavirus Madness

•, By Bill Sardi

It is now evident that public health authorities in Wuhan, China are afflicted with a severe form of wintertime coronavirus madness.  This previously unidentified mental affliction began slowly and then spread so rapidly that the National Institutes of Health quietly initiated a study on February 10 to determine the cause of this psychological madness that has targeted the medical profession.  (If you have difficulty believing this, click on the links.)

Early findings of the study point to a form of mania that is more likely to strike physicians and healthcare workers who are wrapped up in hazmat suits or are confined to work in indoor hospital environments 24/7 and therefore have abjectly low sunshine vitamin D blood levels.

Sun deprivation psychosis is known to shrink brain volume.  Those who oversee the so-called coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan exhibit delusionary symptoms, known to be characteristic of this seasonal malady, says a report at PsychCentral.

Recent decisions and announcements made by public health authorities in Wuhan and elsewhere in the northern hemisphere about the coronavirus epidemic can be characterized as various degrees of mental confusion that range from borderline schizophrenia to severe psychosis (totally out of touch with reality).

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