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Handy hack reveals how to fix a broken zip using a FORK...


A viral video has revealed how you can put a zipper back on an item of clothing using nothing but a fork. 

Twitter account Engineering posted the short but informative clip online, simply captioning it: 'Repairing a zip.'

And many were left more than impressed with the 'life hack' - including Ryan Reynolds - who shared the video with his 15 million followers alongside the caption: 'I've waited my whole life for this.' 

In response to the footage, one social media user commented: 'Are you telling me a fork could have saved six-year-old me's favorite velociraptor coat?' while a second joked: 'I could cry.'

A third commented: 'You telling me I didn't have to throw my favourite coat,' while a fourth added: 'Okay, I'm going to try this and see if this really works. I love stuff like this. I've have so many thing to try this out on.'  

In the 14 second clip, an anonymous person can be seen placing the zipper, which has come off a coat, onto the end of two middle prongs of a fork.