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Airbus reveals revolutionary 'blended wing' aircraft design at Singapore Airshow which...


European aircraft giant Airbus has revealed a new advanced wing design which it claims could cut carbon emissions by 20 per cent. 

The aircraft manufacturer has developed a design that blends the wing and the body in a futuristic experiment.  

Airbus has been carrying out test flights on a 10.5 feet technology demonstrator, code-named Maveric, at a secret location in central France since last year. It lifted the veil on the design at the Singapore Airshow.

The concept of a 'blended wing body' design has been around since the 1940s and led to the U.S. B-2 bomber, as well as the X-48 research project between Boeing and NASA a decade ago.

Such aircraft are complex to control but produce less aerodynamic drag, making them more efficient to fly.