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The New York Times' Assault on White Americans

• by Paul Craig Rob

As I wrote in my remarks on the project on August 22, 2019, the New York Times has an agenda which is to dehumanize and demoralize white Americans of the original colonial era ethnic stock so that left indefensible and overwhelmed with guilt they will accept their fate as their country is overrun by non-white immigrants touted by the New York Times as the real founders of the country.  

The 1619 Project portrays white people as the source of all evil in America.  The project is distinctly anti-white.  Nothing comparable could be said about blacks, Jews, or any other race or ethnicity as the 1619 Project says about white people.  Only white people can be demonized like this.  It is the intention of the New York Times that the 1619 project becomes the basis for the American history curriculum in all schools.  The Buffalo, New York, public school system has already announced that the 1619 project is required for all students.  The teaching of hatred of white people is on its way to being the primary goal of US education.