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"Tip Of The Iceberg" -

• by Tyler Durden


Virus death toll hits 902, vastly surpassing all of  SARS (813) in only three weeks

The number of global confirmed cases hits 40,553 in China (40,171) and offshore (382)

WHO Director-General warns "we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg"

Exiled Chinese billionaire says true death toll closer to 50k, 1.5 million infected

New cases confirmed in UK, Spain, Singapore

Passengers aboard 'Diamond Princess' warn authorities aren't doing enough to protect them - and others

Officials in Shenzen say they won't block Foxxconn factory reopening

Cruise ship quarantined in Hong Kong allowed to leave after 4 days

Update (1900ET): The latest official "numbers" from China's National Health Commission are out and they confirm that after a modest slowdown in the past few days, the number of new cases has once again rebounded.