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How To REVERSE The Dumbing Down Of Society Using The Science Of NUTRITION!

•, Press For Truth

They are surrounded by screens that give dopamine hits at the sight of a thumbs up, teachers who distort reality and alter history and they tweet their thoughts in no more than 40 characters. But perhaps what is even more sinister is the fact that they are being chemically bombarded, whether it be through the air they breath, the food they eat or the beverages they drink. But is it possible to reverse this trend using all natural, organic ingredients the way nature and God intended? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chris Miller of Koios Beverage Corp, a man who took his diagnosis of ADHD into his own hands by seeking out natural alternative to drugs like Adderall then combining them into a drink that he could take to increase brain function and cognition. It worked, he started a company and that company is now worth millions and just like that, the dumbing down of society trend is now beginning to reverse itself for those who are seeking out safe and natural alternatives to what Big Pharma is pushing.

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