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Shall the Senate now call 'witnesses'?


The U.S. Senate now approaches what would normally be the end of its deliberations on the thoroughly unconstitutional, totally lacking-in-due-process "case" which partisan House Democrats have constructed for removing popular and successful President Donald Trump (rather than waiting nine months to see if they can get him out through the far riskier strategy of, you know, ATTEMPTING TO BEAT HIM IN A REGULARLY SCHEDULED ELECTION. I mean, Hillary's team did identify him as the EASIEST REPUBLICAN TO BEAT, right?)

The corruptocrats pretend their indictment — which cites no specific crime or misdemeanor — is about a six-minute phone call with the president of the Ukraine last summer, though many of these Democrats were declaring "We're going to impeach the motherfucker" before they were sworn into office a year ago, and many voted AGAINST the military aid to Ukraine, THE AUTHORIZATION of which (not the "delivery" of which) they now fault Trump for "holding up" for a few weeks.

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