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Kubota unveils radical autonomous electric tractor in Japan

• by Ben Coxworth

Known as the X tractor (a play on "cross tractor"), the vehicle was designed as part of Kubota's Agrirobo automated technology program. It made its public debut earlier this month, at an exhibition in the city of Kyoto.

Although not much in the way of technical details have been provided, the vehicle is apparently completely electrically-powered, via a combination of lithium-ion battery packs and solar panels.

Utilizing a combination of GPS, onboard sensors such as cameras, and an artificial intelligence-based guidance system, it's able to autonomously make its way around both regular fields and rice paddies. Its AI system also allows the vehicle to monitor factors such as weather and the growth rate of crops, so it can actually decide when to head out and perform tasks such as seeding, harvesting or tilling.

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