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Messenger RNA Treatment of Viruses Like Coronavirus

•, by Brian Wang

Technological advancements in RNA biology, chemistry, stability, and delivery systems have accelerated the development of fully synthetic mRNA vaccines.

Molecular Therapy Journal (April 2019) reviewed mRNA as a Transformative Technology for Vaccine Development to Control Infectious Diseases

Vaccines – Enlisting the mRNA Vaccine Platform to Combat Parasitic Infections

Limitations of the Traditional Vaccine Platforms
Because of the complexity of parasitic infections, conventional vaccine platforms, such as live attenuated, killed whole parasite or subunit vaccines, including recombinant protein strategies, may not always be effective. Vaccine development for parasitic infections is often hindered by limitations of production and/or inadequate immune responses. There is also the expense associated with traditional vaccine platforms, which might not be linked to a traditional return on investment.

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