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The Borg return in 'Star Trek: Picard'!

•, By Elizabeth Howell

Is resistance still futile?

The Borg are back.

The infamous "Star Trek" alien species, which assimilates all beings it comes across into its collective consciousness, will return in the new series "Star Trek: Picard" with two of its most famous members: Seven of Nine and Hugh (aka Third of Five).

Fans of the "Star Trek" universe will remember Hugh (played by Jonathan Del Arco) as the Borg rescued by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his crew in Season 5 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987-1994) and Seven of Nine (played by Jeri Ryan), who shined in a starring role during "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995 to 2001).

The plot of the new series starring Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard is a closely guarded secret, but it sounds like they will be exploring a difficult relationship with Starfleet, which is kind of like the Space Force of "Star Trek" that's maintained by an intergalactic alliance known as the United Federation of Planets.

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