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'Respect the rules': French President Macron snaps at Israeli police in Jerusalem (VIDEO)

• Russia Today

Footage shared on social media captured the altercation, which took place during Macron's visit to the Crusader-era church on Wednesday. Though situated in the Old City of Jerusalem, the church belongs to the French government, and Israeli officers had apparently tried to enter the premises ahead of Macron.

"Everybody knows the rules!" Macron shouted, speaking English. "I don't like what you did in front of me. Go out!"

"Please respect the rules as they were for centuries," he continued. "They will not change with me."

Macron is not the first French leader driven to anger by Israeli security. During a 1996 visit to the Old City, Jacques Chirac snapped at the armed Israeli police surrounding him and preventing Palestinians from approaching him. "I'm starting to have had enough of this," he shouted in French. "What, do you want me to go back to my plane and go back to France? Is that what you want?"