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Bokhari: Leftists Are Learning that Big Tech Already Has a 'Social Credit' System


China's "social credit" system assigns citizens with a "score" based on good or bad behavior, which is in part determined by one's compliance with Beijing's totalitarian communist value system. Those who fall below a certain score are excluded from basic services. There's no escape, either; to track everyone's behavior, China subjects its citizens to mass surveillance, powered by a network of facial recognition cameras all across the country. Chinese citizens literally can't escape their social credit score — low scores blocked 23 million Chinese citizens from traveling via train or airplane in less than one year, as reported by the Guardian.

In an article for Engadget, left-wing writer Violet Blue notes that big tech companies have developed a system that is remarkably similar to China's, ranking the behavior of users — and arbitrarily kicking them off their services — according to Silicon Valley's own set of subjective values, including what it considers to be "conscientious" and "open" behavior. She takes particular aim at Airbnb:

The Evening Standard reported on Airbnb's patent for AI that crawls and scrapes everything it can find on you, "including social media for traits such as 'conscientiousness and openness' against the usual credit and identity checks and what it describes as 'secure third-party databases'."