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'Remember Where You Are':

• by Tyler Durden

Chief Justice John Roberts admonished House managers and lawyers for President Trump during a 1 a.m. fireworks display Wednesday morning, after a marathon session between the legal teams - remind them to "remember where they are."

Nadler accused Senate Republicans and President Trump's defense team of orchestrating a "cover-up," which drew a sharp rebuke from White House counsel Pat Cipollone - who added that Nadler "should be embarrassed" over his remarks.

"We've been respectful of the Senate, we've made our arguments to you. You don't deserve and we don't deserve what just happened," said Cipollone, adding "Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team, he made false allegations against all of you, he accused you of a cover-up. He's been making false allegations against the president. The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you, for the way you've addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You're not in charge here."