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GM Woke

• Eric Peters Auto

If Bruce can transition into Caitlyn then GM can do basically the same thing – with the difference being Bruce probably paid for his own surgery.

GM is going to want your "help" paying for its transition.

In a few days, you'll see what you'll be paying for. The shaved Adam's apple; the . . . augmentation. And the removal.


The electric Hummer.

It is GM's virtue-signaling plea for forgiveness. The bad ol' GM wants you to forget all about those "gas guzzling" Hummers it made back in the early 2000s. It will now make a time-guzzling electric version of the same thing. Which is just as wasteful, by the way – but in a way that's acceptable today.

But far more obnoxious.

The original Hummer never feigned virtue. It was what it was – and didn't pretend to be something it wasn't. This electric Hummer? Could the effrontery be more spectacular? It's just as large, probably much heavier – as all EVs are, due to its massively heavy battery pack. Which is massively heavy because the massive vehicle it's powering needs probably three times the power necessary to propel a Corolla-sized car.

And to provide five-times Corolla power.

Is power produced without "carbon"? The power used to extract the materials that go into a twice-as-large as necessary – for basic transportation – electric battery? The power generation necessary to feed a battery that's three times as powerful as necessary . . . for basic transportation?

How much less is the range because of all that weight? How sooner must the massive battery pack be recharged?

How about those massive tires? Twice – probably three times – as much rubber (made from oil and made using power) as is necessary for tires for basic transportation. How much unnecessary metal, plastic and glass goes into the Woke Hummer?